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Capt. Steven Moore Takes the Helm of TowBoatUS Lake Lewisville
Reliable 24/7 On-The-Water Assistance for Boaters

LAKE LEWISVILLE, Texas, July 2012 – Capt. Steven Moore, a former hired captain with the on-the-water towing company TowBoatUS Lake Lewisville, has purchased the business from his former boss, Capt. Jay Nunnally, who will remain with the company as a towing captain. Moore, who has boated on the lake for 30 years, is US Coast Guard licensed and carries a Masters 50-ton with towing certification. Much like an auto club for boaters, TowBoatUS offers on-the-water towing plans for freshwater boaters and anglers for just $67 a year, which includes BoatUS or BoatUS Angler membership.

“Jay opened this location 2007 and built this business,” said Moore “TowBoatUS Lake Lewisville remains a 24/7 on-the-water assistance company that will get you back to a launch ramp or marina when your boat won’t get you there,” said Capt. Moore. The lake can be challenging, says Moore. “The lake can go from a dead calm to over 40 knots of wind in just minutes, and catch a lot of folks off guard.” The company has seen its share of calls for assistance for routine breakdowns: running out fuel, running aground, battery jumps, and mechanical breakdowns.

The company’s response boat is a 24-foot Sea Cat with red hull and “TowBoatUS” in white letters along her sides. It is fully rigged for towing and salvage work, carrying extra fuel and engine fluids, pumps, dive gear and extended jumper cables. TowBoatUS Lake Lewisville may be called 24 hours a day at 972-757-5004, or through the BoatUS toll-free dispatch service at 800-391-4869, or by hailing on VHF Channel 16. To see the location on a map, go to BoatUS.com/lakelewisville.

Moore is also a 27-year member of Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), which in addition to offering on-the-water and roadside assistance towing plans, also offers boat insurance programs and is the nation’s advocate for recreational boaters. “I’ve known the value of BoatUS membership long before I started towing boats,” he says with a smile.

Boat U.S. Angler is also a proud sponsor of the National Collegiate Bass Championship Tournament held on Lake Lewisville with TowBoatU.S. providing all towing and assistance during the tournament.

Owned by Steve Moore, Licensed U.S.C.G. Captain
Authorized to Engage in Commercial Assistance Towing